Fol. 2r

Codex on the Flight of Birds of Leonardo Reflections on the force of gravity.
The actual laws of gravitation would only be discovered a century and a half later by Newton.
Here Leonardo writes that if a body moves towards another it is because the matter in which it is found – that is, air – is not capable of providing sufficient resistance to keep the body from falling.

«gravità si causa dall'uno elemento situato nell'alto e si muove per la linea più breve verso il centro non per sua scelta né perché il centro a sé la attragga, ma perché il mezzo in cui si trova non gli oppone sufficiente resistenza»
(Gravity is caused by one element situated on high [above another] and moves along the shortest line towards the centre [of the other], not by choice nor because the centre is attractive in itself, but because the medium in which it is found does not pose sufficient resistance.)

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translation by Kim Williams