Fol. 4r

Codex on the Flight of Birds of Leonardo More weights, placed on different planes and subject to different forces.
Leonardo goes more deeply into the themes of the previous page.

«Il peso "q" a causa dell'angolo retto "n", sopra "d" "f" nel punto "e", pesa due terzi del suo peso naturale, che era di tre libbre, che diventerà due libbre; e il peso "p", che era anch'esso di tre libbre, diventa di una libbra, a causa di un rettangolo sulla linea "h" "d" nel punto "g"…»
(Weight q, because of right angle n, above d f at point e weighs two-thirds of its natural weight, which was three pounds and becomes two pounds; and weight p, which was also three pounds, becomes one pound, because of a right angle on line h d at point g.)

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translation by Kim Williams